12 August 2015 - Start of the new season !!!
Wednesday, 2nd September - is the start date back for the 2015 / 2016 season!!! Club nights back in Claremont Stadium every Monday and Wednesday. Juvenile club start back date to be confirmed. New Members welcome come and try with pay as you play 5 Euro a night. For other club members 60 Euro of your club membership/subscription will be due by the end of October.

Fund raising - after last years success we are again hoping to stage / host a play some time in the Autumn the date and venue to be confirmed.

Teicnic White course - during the summer a number of members took part in the Teicnic White badminton course offered by Badminton Ireland we hope to run it again and encourage more members to take part. Details to be confirmed.

Training / Coaching - We hope to provide coaching to teams and individuals in preparation for the new league season kick off. It is hoped that members start back early to allow for organising.

Saturday, August 22nd - For those you can't wait until September. Lenister Badminton Kick-Start tournament

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