13 October 2013 - Club shirts, teams upcoming season
Great to see the hall full most club nights and with the good crowds means we hope to have as many teams taking part in the leagues as possible in the upcoming season. We have a big increase in the number of teams this year which is great and the difficult and troublesome task of selecting teams has had to be done as the deadline for submission for the Meath League was last Friday.

A selection committee was formed (Joe, Declan, Madge, Martin) and tried to accommodate everyone when attempting to put together some provisional teams. These can be found here, the plan now is to get feedback from members, arrange some practice sessions/matches and finally confirm all teams for the year. For the Dublin league the plan is to have a combined effort with Kildalkey at senior level for the year.

Club shirts - as some may have noticed certain members have been sporting some rather fetching shirts on club nights. Dermot, Daragh, and Elaine have been wearing the Navan Badminton Shirt in different colors. If your interested in getting one let Dermot know likely cost is going to be 20 Euro per shirt. (Dermot seemed reluctant to have a action photo posted with him in it!!)

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